Militis: Kingdoms Return

How I got the idéa


I really wanted to make a stratigic and fun game, but i also want the survival feeling. So i created this game, it is a highly working progress game. Which means that you will encounter bugs. You will see some stuff that i just mentioned that isn't in the game, it is a WIP and those things will be added in the near future.
This is a game that plays out in medieval times. You are out in the wilderness and you will need to survive. But you also need to rebuild and create your village. Then later upgrade you little village to a big and powerful kingdom.

Update Logs:

Build- 0.6

-Removed Wooden Floor (Building)
-Removed GreenHouse (Building)
-Removed SurvivalMode (Not Permament)

+Added Main Menu
+Added BuildMode
+Added SurvivalMode


#Random Rotation Glitch
#Ambience Light Bug
#Campfire Lightning Bug

Build- 0.5

+ New Cover
+ New Wallpaper
+ New Headline
- Fishing (Experienced bugs)
+ Wooden Foundation Building
+New Custom Launcher
Walking Sound Bug Fix
Water Bug Fix
Lag Minimised

Build- 0.4

+ New Woodchopping Sound
+ Random Respawning Rocks
+ Blacksmith Building
+ New Forest (In Corner Of The Map)
Fixed Woodchopping Glitch